Frequently Asked Questions

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Tax Service Questions

  • "How do I make an appointment?"
  • "How soon must I make an appointment to meet with Edward Cisar?"
  • "Can I get income tax preparation service after March 31?"
  • "Can I drop off documents without an appointment?"
  • "Are you currently accepting new clients?"
  • "Do you accept walk in customers?"
  • How can I protect my privacy?

IRS Questions

  • “When is a tax return or payment considered late?”
  • “What if I can’t file my income tax return by the due date?”
  • “I can’t pay my taxes by the due date. What should I do?”
  • “What are my other options to pay?”
  • “I got an IRS notice; what do I do?” 
  • “Why was I selected for an IRS audit?
  • “What is the difference between an IRS tax lien and an IRS tax levy?”
  • “Are there any IRS appeals or settlements available for my tax debt?”
  • “What is an Offer in Compromise?”
  • "I have more questions. Where can I find answers?"